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Saving Up Christmas [CD-SINGLE]
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Audio CD (November 15, 2005)
*Label: R2 Entertainment

Track Listings

1. Saving Up Christmas    
2. Tahoe Snow    
3. Here Comes Santa Claus    

Album Description

"Saving Up Christmas"
is a moving and emotional ballad. This new holiday classic will certainly strike a chord with millions worldwide. Of particular sentiment to those in the military and their families, this is a song about a loving wife home at Christmas with her children, while her husband is at war…so she’s saving up her Christmas for his return. Bound to be one of the most requested and sought after songs this holiday season, Toni Tennille’s stirring and heartfelt vocals make it all the more touching. Written by Sue Ennis (frequent Heart songwriting collaborator) and Hummie Mann.

"Tahoe Snow" is another original holiday tune, this one written by Toni Tennille. It’s fun, upbeat and happy, in the tradition of many Captain & Tennille classics. Toni says "this one’s for the kids!"

A final little treat comes from the Captain & the Muskrat's in the form of "Here Comes Santa Claus." Yep, those little rascals are back!

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Availability: Nov. 15, 2005

Tune titles include...
  • - Saving Up Christmas
  • - Tahoe Snow
  • - Here Comes Santa Claus (iinstru.. by 'the captain & the muskrats)

All Tunes produced by Daryl Dragon / Toni Tennille

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