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- Announces, newly released, Captain & Tennille Multi-CD Package entitled:

"SONGS OF JOY" - A Boxed Set of C&T's ORIGINAL, Six Albums, now on CD !!

"ORIGINAL ALBUMS ON CD" - Available for purchase - Individually

Look for this latest, C&T, Boxed Set release - originally on A&M Records, Casablanca Records, and Polygram. Offered and packaged by!!
All original C&T albums - all digitally mixed and mastered from the original recordings, is available as a boxed set entitled "SONGS OF JOY" - in record stores & other retail outlets, as well as internet-based CD-sales outlets around the world !!

A Boxed Set of C&T's ORIGINAL, Six Albums, now on 6 CD's !!

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- and exclusive C&T-CD-Boxed-Set Liner Notes - just recently written by Toni!

Also Available Individually...

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Love Will Keep Us Together
Song of Joy
Come In From The Rain
Make Your Move
Keeping Our Love Warm

WOW ! ALL THE MAJOR-LABEL ALBUMS EVER RELEASED - by Captain & Tennille - are offered in this BOXED SET COLLECTION - or available INDIVIDUALLY !!

Sample sound clips of some of the many cuts on the new Captain & Tennille, 'SONGS OF JOY' BOXED SET Collection - can be heard at soon! - Read a RAVE-REVIEW HERE !!

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Regular Price: $49.00 Sale Price: Can be found for as low as $30.99
Availability: Nov. 15, 2005

Some HIT Tune titles include...      ( * = C&T million seller HIT)
  • * Love Will Keep Us Together
  • * The Way That I Want To Touch You
  • * Muskrat Love
  • * Shop Around
  • - Wedding Song (There Is Love)
  • * Lonely Night / Angel Face
  • - Come In From The Rain
  • - Circles
  • - We Never Really Say Goodbye
  • - Can't Stop Dancin'
  • - You Never Done it Like That
  • * Do That To Me One More Time

All Tunes produced by Daryl Dragon / Toni Tennille

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